The F5 Challenge

The goal of F5 is to enrich lives through genuine “face to face” fellowship and exciting adventure challenges in a faith-enriching environment. We were not created to just be stagnant and sit around but we were made to move! We encourage everybody to go outside and discover new things in life. Through our events, you will find courage and motivation to overcome not just fitness challenges but also daily life challenges. 

We were not created to just be stagnant and sit around but we were made to move!

Our Vision

To challenge the world to live active, connected, and faith-filled lives.


Our Values

Faith - A God-given purpose for life leads one to improve self and help others.


Fellowship - Life is best experienced in community!


Fitness - “Movement leads to improvement” in every aspect of life.


Fortitude - Growth only happens when one is challenged.


Fun - Life is meant to be enjoyed abundantly!

Meet The Team

Calvin Kim

Board Member-Chair

Liz Hoskin

Board Member-Secretary and Registration Director

Corneliu Turturica

Board Member and

Activities Director

Shion Shironishi

Board Member and

Outreach Director

Jason Shives

Board Member-Secretary and Medical Director

Eve Naidoo

Board Member-Treasurer

Rolando Fulgencio

Board Member and

Program Director

Tom Albrecht

Marketing and Website Director

Michael Johnson

Media and Graphics Director

Shanna Waggoner

Communications Director

Alicia Sevlla

Services Director

Ryan Booth

Logistics Director

Ovidiu Mandache

Logistics Director

Sarah Waterbrook

Admin. Assistant

Brittany Ramirez

Prayer Ministry Director

Justin Goodwin

Hawaii Director

Eric Mudoni

South Africa Director

Brian Atwell

Thailand Director

Rhona Beth

Supporting Director

Joy Asumen

Supporting Director

Natalie Yialelis


Ron Du Preez


Curtis Farnham


Chris Carmen

Board Member-Legal Counsel

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