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October 27-29, 2023

Camp-N-Sync Event

Where: Pick a place to camp of your choosing

What: Spend a weekend in nature and share photos with us! 

Who: This event is for anyone! 

Registration: $0  

No, sadly this is not a campout with your favorite 90’s boy band. This is a coordinated camping event! F5 members all across the country will be camping at the same time on this weekend. So mark your calendars and plan to camp alone, with your family, or with other people. Plan to camp with other F5 members in your area if possible. You can can camp however you like, from a blanket fort, to your back yard, to a high peak. The key is that we are all doing it together! There will be activities provided including a self guide Bible study, scavenger hunt, photo contest, and more!

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